Intermittent Fasting – My Trials and Tribulations

intermittent fasting

I qute enjoy using intermittent fasting as a method of weight loss. I get super focused and have a huge energy boost after 24 hours, but always start to feel hungry around the 40 hour mark. I’ve tried IF a few times, along with alternate day fasting. It’s not the most successful diet plan I’ve ever followed, but it does get results.

Today, I find myself in the middle of an unintentional fast after an upset stomach. I’m on 36 hours now, and there’s no real shift in weight. Historically my weight has been:

20165th December10st9
201713th February10st5
20179th April10st2
201721st May10st
20179th October10st2
201710th December10st9
201819th January10st4
20192nd January10st6
201913th December11st
202011th January10st11

Quite the rollercoaster. Indeed, the only plan that’s ever really worked for me in the Amelia Freer plan, but without hours to spend in the kitchen, it simply isn’t doable.

This year, my aim is to drop 20lbs, but whilst I’m surviving off takeaways, I’m not sure how it will work. I love pasta, I love cheese, and I generally love any food that isn’t good for me. I’ll start to exercise a bit more again, but not until February – starting in January is setting yourself up to fail.

I have a couple of companies who are supplying me with their products to try out. I’m a willing guinea pig – if you have the miracle weight loss product or supplement, hit me up, I’ll write about it! For now, though, I’m ordering pizza.

Here’s to good health in 2020…