Expansion week | international listings & advertising campaigns.

With the full selection of products online on Amazon, my next task is to expand those offers across all the countries that Amazon reaches. Yes, postage costs a fortune – but in hard to reach areas, I figure that people are used to paying the postage. After assessing the demand, I can look at how to ship to warehouses around the world to reduce those costs.

The first things I’m doing, locally, is tripling my advertising spend. My current aCos is 2% – I can afford to increase the aCos to 40% and make less profit per sale if it gets me enough sales. I will monitor it for a week, and see where the aCos is at: then I will either increase or decrease again.

Then I’m creating listings for all the new markets. Sadly the inventory uploader file is different for every country, Amazon aren’t known for making things easy. I’m starting with UAE as its a fairly new market – then USA, then Canada, then Australia, Finally, Italy, France, Spain and Germany. I need a German Tax ID to sell on Amazon Germany, so that’s going to be a bother – and soon, Amazon will be requiring French Tax IDs, too.

My final targets will be Japan and Mexico. Even I’m not cheeky enough to try offering Chinese products back to the Chinese market at a UK price… although maybe I should?

Monitoring the progress of each country is going to take time, to make sure each remains profitable, however once in place & working, the international aspect will provide another income stream.

Learning someone else’s code

I’ve gone into a group coding project for the first time this year. I have zero familiarity with Github, using branches, merging, making pull requests – and my knowledge of the underlying code (in React & GraphQL) is sketchy at best, although I understand it.

There’s all these terms that I don’t understand. I’ve never used Docker, althogh I understand its purpose. I have no idea what a Redis cluster is, or stunnel, or how the production dev and staging servers work. I’m getting very little help from anyone else at the moment.

It’s a minefield I need to battle through and do my best, but that involves a lot of learning along the way. Lets hope I have the capability to get it done!