Oops, I did it again

Had a good day at work, made amazing progress with my research, felt well rested – so naturally, for no reason, I started chewing my lip again. Relapsing after 20 years is strange to the point of inexplicable.

The best way I can describe it, is that it feels like you’re eating a cancer out of the innards of your lip. The blood tastes sweet, the pain is immense, the membrane is stringy, and it just feels incredible.

Never mind I have blood literally flowing from my mouth right now and all over my arms. Never mind I’ve almost bitten a hole. Never mind this will give me weeks of unpleasant agony and I won’t be able to talk properly.

3 months since I last did it. This time 4 times as bad. Two painkillers, two sleeping pills, then bed. If anything happens to me, I went out on a high.

Kombucha for Red Bull

Kombucha from Kevita and No.1 Living

I’ve been a Red Bull addict for over 25 years. I regularly consume 8 cans a day, without too many ill effects, apart from the fact that I rarely sleep. I can’t see me ever completely giving up the Red Bull, it’s my only source of caffiene, but doctors, nurses and friends alike have asked me to cut down – and so this year I am swapping out some of my regular Red Bull Sugar Free for Kombucha.

I hate tea. I detest the smell and the taste more than anything else in the world, it turns my stomach like nothing else can. Therefore, I was reluctant to try Kombucha. However, upon seeing a tumeric and ginger infused version by No.1 Living, I was intrigued. And what do you know, I quite like the drink.

My favourite so far is Kevita Master Brew (sadly made by the Pepsi Company as oppopsed to any small organic farm). Ginger and Wild Cherry are amazing. I also like No.1 Living’s flavouts but it lacks the carbonated kick I need from a drink. What worries me is that there is so much sugar in all the versions – maybe Red Bull Sugar Free is the better option? But my doctor tells me it doesn’t hydrate me properly, so I’ll try swapping out for a while.

I’ve already learned that I can’t treat Kombucha like I treat my Red Bull and cane down numerous bottles a day. However, it makes a nice alternative and I’m hoping to slowly introduce more drinks into the range – or maybe make Kombucha of my own.

A Life of Win in 2020

My dream is to live a winning life in 2020. This is ground zero.

I’m one for making big resolutions at the start of the year and never carrying through with them. For example, I could resolve to update this blog daily – but I know I won’t. However, I am using it as a way to keep myself accountable, and I hope to provide others with the inspiration to follow through on their goals in the 2020s, too.

My main aim this year is to make $100K working for myself. Everything else will pale into insignificance, probably, as I’ll be so flat out working, I may not find the time to rest. This blog is also here for me to share my goals for a given week; report on whether I’ve kept on track, whether I’m stressed and doing too much, and as a means to organize my thoughts. It’s no lie when I tell you I have 6 businesses on the go, and I’m not devoting enough time or energy to any of them. My aim this year is to balance them all and stop neglecting the ones that have slipped through the net.

Even with that goal in mind, I have to be careful not to allow the simple joys of life pass me by. I have to make time for my friends and family, get out in nature, exercise and look after my mental health.

2020 is a reset year for everyone. A time to start again. A time to welcome a new decade and to let go of the drama and misery that may have haunted you before. Whatever your new year’s resolutions are for 2020, I wish you luck, and hope my blog provides some inspiration along the way.