Kombucha for Red Bull

Kombucha from Kevita and No.1 Living

I’ve been a Red Bull addict for over 25 years. I regularly consume 8 cans a day, without too many ill effects, apart from the fact that I rarely sleep. I can’t see me ever completely giving up the Red Bull, it’s my only source of caffiene, but doctors, nurses and friends alike have asked me to cut down – and so this year I am swapping out some of my regular Red Bull Sugar Free for Kombucha.

I hate tea. I detest the smell and the taste more than anything else in the world, it turns my stomach like nothing else can. Therefore, I was reluctant to try Kombucha. However, upon seeing a tumeric and ginger infused version by No.1 Living, I was intrigued. And what do you know, I quite like the drink.

My favourite so far is Kevita Master Brew (sadly made by the Pepsi Company as oppopsed to any small organic farm). Ginger and Wild Cherry are amazing. I also like No.1 Living’s flavouts but it lacks the carbonated kick I need from a drink. What worries me is that there is so much sugar in all the versions – maybe Red Bull Sugar Free is the better option? But my doctor tells me it doesn’t hydrate me properly, so I’ll try swapping out for a while.

I’ve already learned that I can’t treat Kombucha like I treat my Red Bull and cane down numerous bottles a day. However, it makes a nice alternative and I’m hoping to slowly introduce more drinks into the range – or maybe make Kombucha of my own.