Getting Started with SSL on Amazon AWS

I was asked to install an SSL certificate on a client’s subdomain which they hosted through Amazon AWS today. I kid you not when I tell you Amazon AWS is complicated as anything, even if you’re a technical person, and you may struggle to even understand the very basics.

The very basics are this:

  • Amazon S3 hosting is static hosting – for websites that only require a little bit of javascript and no database.
  • Amazon EC2 is hosting for dynamic websites – you run a virtual machine with your database connected website on. When the machine is running, it is called an ‘instance’.
  • An Elastic IP allows you to assign a static IP to an instance.
  • It seems that a Load Balancer is also needed to host a SSL certificate on an EC2 instance, however, testing now has me doubting if this is the case (and it may be that a SSL certificate on the CPanel host is enough)

I intend to learn a lot more about Amazon AWS over the year. What I picked up today was very basic stuff, and it is in no way intuitive. Even the pricing levels are hard to understand. However, it’s meant to be one of the best cloud hosting environments out there, so I am intending to add this to my list of skills.