Simple New Year’s Resolutions for 2020 (and how to keep them)

Atomic Habits James Clear

If you don’t have a method to keep your resolutions, you’re likely to let them go by the wayside. I read an amazing book last year, Atomic Habits, by James Clear, which was a lifechanger for me. He outlined four ways to start building good habits along with other numerous tips to kickstart a better life. I can’t recommend the book highly enough to anyone who wants to keep their new year’s resolutions.

After reading it, I’ve become a lot more ambitious with my own resolutions this year – I think this book has given me a great guide and blueprint on how to achieve the things I want to.

1. Make your New Year’s Resolution Attractive.

Make Your New Year's Resolution Attractive

2. Make your New Year’s Resolution Obvious.

Make Your New Year's Resolution Obvious

3. Make your New Year’s Resolution Satisfying.

Make Your New Year's Resolution Satisfying

4. Make your New Year’s Resolution Easy.

Make Your New Year's Resolution Easy

Here’s a selection of my New Year’s Resolutions and how I intend to keep them this year!

Around the house

1. Turn off electric items when they’re not being used

Get Alexa or your home system to check in with you on this, and let Alexa turn things off for you! I’m particularly bad at turning off my computer at night before I go to bed, and something I need to get on top of. Thanks to technology, you can have a constant check-in – be that by your phone, or by email, or by other reminders you leave yourself.

2. Keep the heating down

Again, Alexa can keep control of this if you have the right installation. I have to keep my room at a certain temperature at all times due to my tortoise (who is being over-wintered), but there are still times I can turn the heating off entirely for a few hours and save some pennies.

Diet and exercise

3. Less delivery takeaways

By Habit Stacking, I will set up a routine where I go to the supermarket directly after seeing my mother. This should cut the amount of home delivery takeaways I get by half.

4. Start going to a gym

Whilst it’s tempting to rush into this on January 1st, I’ll leave it until later in the month. Starting on the 1st January sets yourself up for failiure, as everyone else will be expecting you to fail. In a few weeks, once I have the essentials covered through my freelance work, I will start to look at gym memberships.

Finance and work

5. Pay off the credit cards each month

Credit can be reused and recycled to pay off the bills if needed, so don’t be scared about using the money you have to pay off the cards each month (unless you’re worried that they’ll cut your credit limit for whatever reason). The aim is to put less and less on the credit cards each month, until eventually you have no credit card balance outstandng.

6. Don’t worry so much about work.

Whilst keeping to targets and making the minimum amount to survive is essential, don’t sweat it so much when you’re past the target. Despite having my personal goal, I’ll worry less about getting things done this year and make some more room for fun.

Dropship week | Excel-mania

trophy stock

This week I will mainly focus on getting my dropshipping goods uploaded to Amazon and Ebay. I’ve always had the option of dropshipping, but never felt disciplined enough to check the orders every day and forward them to my suppliers. Now, however, I am ready to take on this challenge: it will cut the amount of stock I have to keep at home, and allow me to provide a better range of goods.

The first step involves downloading the supplier’s spreadsheet. Then, I work out which goods will make me at least $7.50 per sale – after tax, after shipping, after Amazon or Ebay commission and after processing fees. I’ll do this by creating a series of calculations in Excel. Once I’ve decided which items are viable for dropshipping I need to transfer these to the Product Upload template from Amazon, with descriptions and bullet points. Finally I will transfer the spreadsheet to an Ebay uploader.

I had toyed with the idea of setting up a Magento website with M2E pro, but the amount of time it would take me to do that would be more than if I just created the spreadsheet directly. I will set up an online store away from Amazon and Ebay soon, but it isn’t my priority.

Following that, I need to start getting the stock I still have in my house out to the FBA warehouse. It’s going to be a long job, which may take me most of January, but I know I’ll be relieved to have my house back again.

A Life of Win in 2020

My dream is to live a winning life in 2020. This is ground zero.

I’m one for making big resolutions at the start of the year and never carrying through with them. For example, I could resolve to update this blog daily – but I know I won’t. However, I am using it as a way to keep myself accountable, and I hope to provide others with the inspiration to follow through on their goals in the 2020s, too.

My main aim this year is to make $100K working for myself. Everything else will pale into insignificance, probably, as I’ll be so flat out working, I may not find the time to rest. This blog is also here for me to share my goals for a given week; report on whether I’ve kept on track, whether I’m stressed and doing too much, and as a means to organize my thoughts. It’s no lie when I tell you I have 6 businesses on the go, and I’m not devoting enough time or energy to any of them. My aim this year is to balance them all and stop neglecting the ones that have slipped through the net.

Even with that goal in mind, I have to be careful not to allow the simple joys of life pass me by. I have to make time for my friends and family, get out in nature, exercise and look after my mental health.

2020 is a reset year for everyone. A time to start again. A time to welcome a new decade and to let go of the drama and misery that may have haunted you before. Whatever your new year’s resolutions are for 2020, I wish you luck, and hope my blog provides some inspiration along the way.