Forget #GamerGate – What Girls Played in the 1990s.

I’ve been playing board games a lot more than video games lately. However, someone started discussing their “top games of all time” – and I could only really think of ten. These were games that took up hours of my life back in the day (and by “back in the day” I mean in the 1990s or early 2000s, although Guitar Hero may have clocked in later).

The ten video games I wasted my life on

1. Micro Machines
2. Final Fantasy Tactics
3. Heroes of Might & Magic
4. Bubble Bobble
5. Mario Kart
6. Lemmings
7. Guitar Hero
8. MechCommander
9. Command & Conquer
10. Duke Nuke ‘Em

I also really enjoyed the Theme Hospital and Theme Park series of games when they were released. I’ve played demos of other games recently but never really got into them. I’ve retired to board games in my old age, and that’s mainly what I’ll be talking about further in the section – but never doubt that the mothers out there spent their own countless hours on a console before you were born.