Recovering Lost Bitcoin and Crypto Wallets – My Step to Step Guide


You have a Bitcoin address, but you’ve lost your private key? Me too. I have one BTC stored away, somewhere, that I haven’t successfully accessed yet: but neccessity breeds innovation, so I’ll guide you through the steps I’ve taken so far.

First, is your wallet worth recovering? Most of my old Bitcoin wallets were empty. Look up the address on and see what the balance is. Then, once you’ve checked the balance, look at the date you transferred that amount into your wallet.

In my case, I transferred almost 1 BTC to an untouched wallet on 24th October 2017. I believe this was the date that MAGNR stopped trading, or the date I decided to withdraw all my Bitcoin from MAGNR. I sold 8.3 Bitcoin, believe I bought a miner with 1.74 Bitcoin, invested in a couple of ICOs and locked the rest away.

Use that address to search your email and hardrive. Just plug your BTC address into the find bar of your emails and do a full document search for the text. It may be you stored it in a raw text file on one of your machines or backup drives. No such luck for me.

Search documents and emails by date. The next step was to look through my emails and hard-drive to see what I was working on and what I was doing around that time. It looks like I downloaded the offline solution to make a paper wallet that day. So, I probably have a paper wallet printed, somewhere in the house (I believe I would have glued it into a softback red paper bound book).

Remember your old wallet interfaces. I know I was actively using that book at the time I bought the miner, then I switched out to a hardware wallet – but I can’t remember when I got the hardware wallet. More searching shows I got the hardware wallet on 1st December 2018, so this transaction won’t be on there. I got my miner around July 2017. Therefore, the lost Bitcoin is likely to either be in my red bound book, or on my old miner (currently in the garage).

Remember your old websites. I used a bunch of exchanges and mining pools when I was starting out, Poloniex, YoBit, Kraken, SlushPool. MiningHub, I had multiple coins (mostly Zcash) and multiple wallets for each coin, and I was not very disciplined with moving things around. If you have a password manager, it may have remembered your passwords to all the old sites you’ve used in the past (maybe you had a few 100K Doge stashed away?).

Run some keyword searches. Look for documents and emails containing words like “wallet”, “BTC”,”Bitcoin”,”ETH”,”seed”,”private key”,”public key”, etc.

My outcome. I believe my paper wallets are in storage. My miner can & will be reactivated shortly. I’ll keep you updated – finding that Bitcoin would be pretty nice about now.

BY THE WAY – check out XASH.CO.UK – my new social network for Crypto!

I became an orphan on Tuesday (but Mom is doing fine)

First…. yes, Mom is doing great. We speak regularly although I’ve not been able to see her due to COVID regulations. Don’t panic, all is well.

But my other mother, my biological mother, died on Tuesday. My biological father is also dead, both from cancer, and both before the age of 60. Both had to wear colostomy bags for their final years. Both were troubled souls.

I never spoke to my biological mother, although she stalked me regularly and tried to make contact (I also stalked her back, but I never once contacted her). She’d mistreated me as a baby, which is why I ended up adopted in the first place.

Both of my biological parents did a ‘first’. My biological Dad was the journalist who named Spaghetti Junction. My biological mother was the first person in England to get banned from entering a police station.

I had some very good reasons to keep my distance. I’m not even sure how I’m meant to feel at the moment. I don’t feel regret from not ever meeting her, I don’t feel sad that she died, I’m not feeling any particular relief from the fact she won’t be bothering me anymore.

But I’m feeling something that I’ve not felt before, and I can’t name it.

2020 – Year of the Great Film Watch

I’m not a great watcher of films, but my boyfriend really is. Over the last year, we’ve had numerous film nights, to the point where we can’t remember if we’ve seen a movie or not. I’ve always had the same problem: not remembering what I’ve seen, unless it makes a huge impact. So here, I’ll try to chronicle what we saw and what we enjoyed. This post will be added to and expanded as my memory allows.

First watches:
Spiderman: Far From Home
The Joker
The Trench
The New Mutants (bad)
Ad Astra
Freaks (my top watch of the year)
Jumanji: The Next Level

Ready Player One
I Am Legend
The Jungle Book
American Psycho

Oops, I did it again

Had a good day at work, made amazing progress with my research, felt well rested – so naturally, for no reason, I started chewing my lip again. Relapsing after 20 years is strange to the point of inexplicable.

The best way I can describe it, is that it feels like you’re eating a cancer out of the innards of your lip. The blood tastes sweet, the pain is immense, the membrane is stringy, and it just feels incredible.

Never mind I have blood literally flowing from my mouth right now and all over my arms. Never mind I’ve almost bitten a hole. Never mind this will give me weeks of unpleasant agony and I won’t be able to talk properly.

3 months since I last did it. This time 4 times as bad. Two painkillers, two sleeping pills, then bed. If anything happens to me, I went out on a high.

Morsicatio Labiorum: Lip biting as a lifelong habit

I’m writing this because there’s not much out there about it. I was a chronic lip-biter from the age of around 6 to 18. When people think of lip-biting they think of people biting the outside of their lips, but that’s not accurate. We bite the inside of our lips, lower or upper, resulting in a mouth wound or ulcer.

Some studies say this is because of anxiety. I don’t think I suffered much anxiety at the age of 6. I can’t tell you why I did it. but I can tell you I seriously injured myself twice doing it. And I can tell you it felt good, and like the most natural thing in the world.

I’m writing this now, because I relapsed last night – probably the first time in 10 years or more. I did it infrequently in my 20s. maybe a couple of times in my 30s, and not at all in my 40s until last night. But the ritual is exactly the same as it was when I was a child.

When I was a child, I’d get a pressure build up in my upper lip when I’d run, and I’d have to bite my lip to release that pressure. The more constant trigger though was when I felt I had a cold or an illness coming on. I’d bite my middle-lower lip because my brain told me it would make me feel better.

My brain would guide my teeth to the exact spot that I had to bite to release the blood. Then I’d bite at it until I popped the membrane and could taste the blood. I’d suck on the wound for a minute or so then, to drain the blood, and my brain would instruct me how much more and which pattern I needed to bite to ease or heal the illness that was forthcoming.

The amount of pain sometimes almost causes a blackout. But you know, if you just bite that one spot, you won’t get ill. Eventually your brain tells you “that’s enough, you’re done now, you’ve done enough” and you stop biting. But that’s not the end of the ritual.

Within a couple of days a white membrane will form over the wound in the form of an ulcer, like a scab over a wound. You have to bite that off, too, suck away the blood, and let the wound heal open. You don’t have to eat the membrane. it’s not unpleasant, it just doesn’t matter. The idea is to never let a protective barrier form for the wound.

Cures such as Anbesol or Bongela sting in a good way when the wound is open. They feel amazing. Also dripping neat brandy onto the wound can recreate the ‘sting’ that will ease the mental torment.

The two times I seriously injured myself, I bit through to my gland – once when I was 18, once when I was 26. Those times were uncomfortable, and stopped some of the obsessive biting. but never completely cured it.

I’m very surprised I found myself doing it last night and that I couldn’t stop it. I can’t even remember the last time I did. But anyone else who bites their lips in a ritualistic manner, you’re not alone. I’m not sure if it counts as self-harm or not – I don’t think so, as I was doing it from such an early age – but maybe the pain and release cycle is linked.

Any other chronic lip biters, please do get in touch, and maybe we can work it out together.

The Great Migration

I’ve decided it’s finally time to migrate all my websites and projects to a new server. I’ve installed Centos 8.2 and will initally be using Caddy as a webserver.

The migrations starts with my static websites – then I’ll be moving my WordPress sites across (this is a WordPress website), and finally my webapps and custom coded sites.

I’ve hosted my latest project – Survival Supply – over on Shopify, but will attempt to build a a custom solution over the next 12 months.

You can check it out here:

Losing count

I’ve lost count of how much money I’ve made so far this year. I am guessing I’m close to my $100K, but until the dust settles in June or July, I have no clue. My life is currently a whirlwind of buying goods & stuffing boxes: every penny I take goes into backordered goods, more boxes get stuffed, more painkillers get taken.

There’ll come a point where all the orders are fulfilled, cancelled or refunded. That’s when I’ll know what I’ve actually made.

For now, I’m not getting a moment’s rest. Making money can be hard work sometimes.

Old projects week | revamping iCrewz


This week I will start revamping one of my old projects,, which is a membership website for people in the film industry who are looking for crew member jobs, locations or equipment hire. The website is ten years old now and I haven’t promoted it at all, so it’s time to pick up the pace with this.

I’ll need a VA to post the available jobs, and then I’ll make sure the posts are echoed out to Twitter and Facebook. This should bring traffic in to start with. I’ll look at further marketing strategies once the site is fully revamped and having jobs posted to it regularly.

My third income stream

Once the website is completed, it will become my third income stream. It’s the addition of multiple income streams that will get me to the $100K – whilst at the same time, not letting any streams fall out of favour. Keep your attention rotating and don’t miss a trick with any of your income streams. Set a schedule to check in on your projects and make sure they’re running okay.

Work Overload – Hitting The Wall

I’m now at a point, in mid-February, where the amount of work I have to do exceeds the amount of time I have available to work. I was exhausted this weekend, and spent most of my time in bed.

One of my big nightmares (amongst many) was updating the Amazon Pricing Rules via upload. It’s not intuitive how to fill in the feed, and it took me over 10 attempts to get a working version. That version only covers around 10% of my inventory and there’s a lot more to be done. However, I have so much to do with my freelance clients, too, I’m not sure when I’ll be able to revisit it.

From Clickfunnels, to Wix, to WordPress, to Magento, to Shopify – I’m multi-tasking and going full speed. Currently bringing in around £800 a week which will account for around half of my $100K goal if I can keep up the pace until the end of the year.

I’m officially self-employed now, and it’s scary and exhausting. It’s also liberating. I’m looking forward to seeing where the path will take me.

Board Game Corner: Finca – Easy

board game finca

This week, I’ve been learning to play a game called Finca, another simple resource gathering and delivery game. You move your farmers around a wheel to collect the fruit, using action tokens to move to various places on the wheel. Then you deliver the fruit you have collected to the villages, each village awarding a different number of points.

A very simple game, yet highly addictive. One that I’ll definitely be playing again, and maybe even investing in the real life version.

I play most of my board games (for free) at YUCATA.DE. They have a selection of 100s of board games and players from around the world. Most of the board games I write about are available to try on the website, so check it out today.