Uppr: the app that makes Flickr useful again

Since Flickr stopped supporting its upload tool for non-paying members, I moved away from the website.  It was a handy tool that backed up all my photos “to the cloud” in a way I could use and view them when necessary, but it wasn’t worth the subscription fee when there were so many alternatives on hand.  Still, it meant I ended up with a bunch of photos on Flickr, and a bunch elsewhere.

Then I discovered Uppr on the Mac Store. It’s a ‘paid-for’ app (at £2.29) but it does everything the Flickr Uploader used to do – namely, it monitors folders for new photos to be added, then uploads them to Flickr. Saving me £30 a year for a subscription I don’t want or need, it’s a glorious little app for anyone who wants to continue to use Flickr for image storage without upgrading to Pro.

UK Download:


USA Download:

Using it in combination with a deduplicator tool such as the free one found at http://ng-flickrdupfinder.lefant.net/ means I have an online library of all my images from the last 12 years right at my fingertips. Flickr is, once again, useful.