2018 Eat Down the Freezer Challenge and Halt Delivery Passes

Here we go again! Our Sainsbury’s Delivery Pass expired today, which goes to show how long we managed to survive last year.

We’re not quite so stocked up this year; however, I’m going to the US this time next month, and if we can manage to survive on our cupboard & freezer food until I return, it’s more money saved. I have to make a trip to Sainsbury’s anyway next week to pick up a prescription, so I’ll make sure we have enough to last us as long as possible when I make that trip.

We have lots of frozen vegetables in the freezer, so rice & veg will be on the menu at least once a week. There’s salmon, minced beef, battered fish, southern friend chicken, burgers, vegetable chips, roast potatoes, and a few ready meals off the top of my head. A couple of deserts and lollipops. We have plenty of jam, and should be okay just buying milk & bread for the next 4 weeks.

Looking forward to the challenge!

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